IT Equipment supply

Welcome to the IT supplier

We’re a specialist IT & Technology procurement partner. We work across sectors to provide a unique supply chain solution to tech-savvy teams.


Sales increase

“We have the understanding, the team and the procurement systems that you: engage with, take advantage of, and save money from”

we provide a cost-saving capability. Sourcing everything from workstations to widgets. We deliver an expert, on-demand extension to your procurement team


  • How do we do it? …because we know what you’re talking about, we can help with the workstations, tech you need for Big Data, Broadcast TV or gaming. And we already have the relationships & logistics that ensure its never too much trouble to get the little widget things either.

  • Who do we do it for? Elghin Consultants works with small to mid-size and larger clients’ expert IT managers & departments to source everything from workstations to widgets. We work right across the Public, Private and Third Sectors understanding, procuring and delivering what clients need


We’ll handle your complete procurement process, from consultation right through to product supply.

We work with industry-leading manufacturers to supply your full range of IT and communications solutions. Our accreditations with the world’s largest IT brands mean you’ll only get the best.